Who are we?

At aliso lifestyle, we believe in taking time to explore our souls and discover what truly makes us happy. We go through so many motions in our daily routines, but how often do we pause to ask ourselves if we’re happy or if we’re living in the moment?

Join us as we explore our souls in the Los Angeles area and beyond. We’ll share our adventures along the way as well as great finds for travel and wellness.

We hope you’ll share your journey with us, too.

Why aliso?

I started aliso (a-lee-so) lifestyle (life-style) to form a positive community around self-exploration and happiness. As years passed by, I found that I started losing sight of these simple but crucial concepts. I was caught up in my daily life and forgot what made me, well, me.

As I thought about what to name this community, I started to think back to some of the happiest times of my life. My husband and I had studied abroad in southern Spain for a semester back in college, and we learned so much about ourselves, our relationship, and the world during those months. After college, we moved into our first home together on a street named “Alder.” While living there, we took on our next adventure of marriage and learned what that meant to us. “Aliso” means “Alder” in Spanish, and that word combines some of the most formative and happy experiences of my life. It carries a feeling and a lifestyle for me that I hope to share with this new community.

Join me. Explore your soul. Find happiness.